Landscaping is the purest form of self-expression for the homeowner, bringing order and beauty to an otherwise disorganized space. As with all art forms, landscaping is best done with the proper materials, not least of which is the land itself. Stones and boulders make up the very foundation of every landscape project, and knowing how to use rocks and boulders in all their varied shapes, colors, and minerals is key to creating a gorgeous natural environment.

Whether for residential or commercial projects, here’s how to lay boulders in your landscape for elevation, variety, and style.

How Do I Get Started?

Every landscaping project should begin with a plan. This should feature everything from primary and secondary landscaping features you wish to build, color preferences for stone and flora, and the pricing and availability of the materials you wish to purchase. It’s rare that a piece of land will include the materials needed to complete a custom landscaping project, and that’s okay. For instance, If your landscaping design includes dramatic differences in elevation, soil and stone can be delivered to create exactly what you have in mind.

During your planning phase, it is wise to explore what materials are available in the immediate area, as it can be very expensive to have heavy stones, rock, and soil imported from out of state. Fortunately, Utah has a rich supply of minerals landscapers love to use, and in a wide array of colors. Check out some of the rock and soil mixes we can deliver and lay for your current project.

Why Boulders?

There’s something inherently special about using natural stone in landscaping: every rock and boulder is unique, each telling a different story with its color and weight. Whether used to build a stone wall, as part of a water feature, or as a centerpiece all by itself, rocks and boulders add variety to an outdoor composition.

For the most part, there is no wrong way to use rocks and boulders in your landscaping endeavors. After all, rock gardens can be just as beautiful as a fully-manicured topiary. The trick is in the arrangement, and if you ever need assistance in your landscape design, the professionals at JPW Transport can help you create the perfect outdoor landscape.

Remember These Four Tips for Landscaping With Heavy Stone

Remember to Protect Yourself

No matter who you are, it can be extremely difficult to enjoy the beauty of nature with a broken back and bad joints! Before attempting to place or replace any heavy rocks or boulders in your backyard, take the proper precautions and use appropriate gear like knee pads, gloves, and tough boots. For boulders, you will need tools and lifts to do the job right. When in doubt, leave it to the guys and gals with the right equipment and training! Safety is paramount at JPW Transport, and it should be for you as well.

Prepare Your Design Before You Buy and Transport

When it comes to landscaping projects, the last thing you want is to have a change of design after the materials have been bought and delivered. Have your project fully plotted before you spend a single dollar on materials, and you won’t have to worry about moving (or buying) a boulder twice.

Sometimes Bigger Is Better!

We’ve seen this happen before: a designer spots the perfect boulder in the perfect shape and color but hesitates at the size. What if it doesn’t fit? Sure, you may think your outdoor space is “too small” for what you have in mind. However, we’ve seen more disappointment from centerpiece rocks being too small than being “too big.” Don’t worry: boulders can be sculpted down to fit the space. If the price is right, bigger is better.

Take Advantage of Natural Colors

When thinking about the colors of flowers, trees, and shrubbery you intend to plant, remember that rocks and boulders are equally fantastic for expanding your color palette. From the red rock sandstone of southern Utah to the black-and-blue basalt of northern Utah, you have a ton of shades and hues to choose from.

Give JPW Transport for Complete Landscaping Services in Salt Lake City, Utah

For the best landscaping and material delivery in Salt Lake County, call the experts at JPW Transport. We deliver everything you need to complete your landscape projects on time and on budget, from decorative rocks and boulders to sand and topsoil. With more than ten years of experience, we also specialize in landscaping design and material placement for residential, commercial, and municipal projects. Contact us today for a quote!

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