Landscape Boulders

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Landscape Boulders

Creating a beautiful garden or yard in your home surroundings is artistic and creative with landscape boulders. 

Landscape boulders are large rocks used in landscape design. 

When positioned properly and strategically, they beautify the surroundings of your home and give it a natural touch.

What does it normally cost for landscape boulders?

To get the full cost, you need to consider the size of the landscape boulder, the type, and the installation cost.

On average, landscape boulders cost $200-$600 per ton but if you are looking to buy a boulder with a unique shape or color, the price will be more than average.

The price for delivery and installation is also determined by how heavy the boulders are, this can vary from $30-$250. Installation prices can also go higher if you have special requests on the positioning and design. 

How do I place or use landscape boulders?

When you see a big rock lying in the middle of the road or around the house, it might not mean anything to you. You might even wonder why anyone would leave a rock in the middle of the road.

This is why it is important to strategically position them around the house when placing or using them.

Here are ways to place or use landscape boulders:

Bury boulders halfway underground

Just placing a boulder on the ground will not give it that special effect. Bring out the natural aesthetic in the boulder by burying it halfway into the ground.

Stack boulders on top of each other

Boulders can serve as natural retaining walls. They look beautiful when different colors of rocks are stacked together and they are strong enough to withstand heavy wind.

Group boulders together

What is more beautiful than one landscape boulder? More boulders.

If you want to bring out the beauty in a boulder, group two or more boulders in a strategic position. You can group boulders in a “vertical” position but make sure they look natural so that anyone would think the boulders were made for your garden.

Mix a variety of boulders 

Boulders come in different colors, shapes, and sizes and this is an opportunity for you to use these varieties to decorate your garden.

Complement boulders with the right plant 

Not all plants complement boulders perfectly.

You need to find the right plants like the ones mentioned in this landscape boulder design video on HGTV.

After Designer Gary aligned different sizes and types of boulders along the walkway, he then proceeded to accent the boulders with plants like the Purple Lantana, the South African Fairy Wand, and the Dwarf Pomegranate.

When landscape boulders are complemented with the right plants, they look more natural and they stand out beautifully.

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