Salt and Pepper Granite Boulders


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What are Salt and Pepper Granite Boulders made of?

Salt and Pepper Granite is a popular rock used in landscaping and indoors. One of the reasons it’s trendy is because it’s found worldwide. It’s readily available to almost anyone looking to make their yard more appealing or eliminate wasted space in their garden with a rock that will tie it all together. Because Salt and Pepper Granite is more accessible than other types of stone, it can also sometimes be cheaper than other popular landscaping boulders.

While composed of mostly granite, there’s more to granite than meets the eye. It’s a beautiful rock that makes up most of the continents on earth. Three things make granite different than other kinds of stones:

  1. Granite consists of minerals that are called quartz and feldspar. The different ratios of quartz, feldspar and other minerals in granite give it the classic Salt and Pepper look that looks great in any yard or landscaping feature.
  2. A fun fact about granite is that it’s always igneous, forming from lava or molten rock.
  3. Granite is made of larger mineral grains that tightly fit together.

Granite Uses

Because of the rich color tones on Salt and Pepper granite, it’s the perfect glue to tie your outdoor landscaping project together. Overall, it’s a favorite type of rock for landscapers and designers, as it’s durable and rugged, but it’s also a beautiful rock. There are many uses for salt and pepper granite, including:

  • Placing boulders surrounded by gravel
  • Stacking your boulders to build a retaining wall
  • Arranging boulders in clusters

There are more benefits than just simply looking good in your yard. While that is important, looks are not everything. If you are looking for a kind of boulder that will need to support a lot of weight, for example, a retaining wall, you will want to have as strong of a boulder as possible. Salt and pepper granite is solid and can last a lifetime while facing the elements. Whatever elements you deal with, these granite boulders will keep your landscaping looking great for years to come.

If you are considering adding Salt and Pepper Granite Boulders to your yard or property, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We will ensure you find the size and shapes of Salt and Pepper Granite Boulders that you are looking for and will work with you to find a time to complete your landscaping project quickly. If you have boulders that you are looking to transport from one place to another, we can also help you with that. Contact us and order your Salt and Pepper Granite Boulders today!


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