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Black lava rock

Black lava rock serves as a significant enhancement and diffuser for your home and surroundings.

What is black lava rock?

What is black lava rock?

Black lava rock is a natural volcanic rock, also called Basalt scoria or volcanic cinders. It’s created after the volcanic lava has cooled down and hardened.

It has a porous texture and is lightweight, which makes it easy to create high landscape structures.

Black lava rocks are used to enhance fire pits. They improve drainage by amending the soil and accompanying the garden soils nicely. 

They are used in aquariums to tie the mosses and plants because they are void of lime and release substances, making them ideal for the aquarium.

Other features of the black lava rock:

  • The black lava rock has a solid dark color.
  • The rock does not harden in water.
  • There are other types of lava rock: Red lava/red lava rock, grey lava rock, metallic silver lava rock, and green lava rock. They’re all obtained from dry and hardened volcanic lava. The lava takes on different colors depending on the rock impurities and the height of the lava’s temperature.

Where does black lava rock come from?

Black lava rocks are obtained from volcano sites in areas where volcanoes erupt.

Most lava rocks can be found on the islands of Hawaii.

But you can also find them in some states in the US, like California, Texas, or Washington, and in some countries in South Asia, like India, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.


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