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Slag Road Base

Road base material wears down and deteriorates, hindering the efficiency of residents’ transporting goods and materials. 

Hence, you should use our slag road base at JPW Transport, a more affordable alternative to asphalt. Here’s a more in-depth explanation of what a slag road base is and its uses. 

What is a slag road base? 

Slag road base is a by-product of pyrometallurgical smelting ores and used metals. The resulting product is a dense material with excellent load-bearing capacities, good resistance to deformation, abrasion, and high resistance against weathering. 

Slag road base is frequently used where other materials are impractical or expensive. Because slag road base is more resistant to moisture than concrete, it can be used in areas prone to flooding or heavy rain. It also drains better than other types of asphalt products, making it less likely to become muddy when the weather turns wet. 

Therefore, slag road bases can be used for new construction projects or to resurface existing driveways and roads. It’s most often used on rural roads because it’s inexpensive and easy to install. It just needs to be compacted with rollers before installation begins. 

What is a slag road base good for? 

Slag road base is a versatile, durable material that is used for a variety of purposes. It’s commonly used in: 

  • Pavement. Slag road base is used in paving because it possesses several properties that make it ideal for this purpose. It is a very hard material ideal for use on highways where cars travel at high speeds. Slag also has high compressive strength and will not crack or chip easily. 
  • Landscaping. Slag road base has a pleasing appearance, making it ideal for landscaping projects. Slag also has high drainage capabilities and low moisture retention, so water flows quickly through it rather than collecting in puddles on top of your lawn or garden. You can also mix it with soil to create raised beds in your yard for growing vegetables or flowers. 
  • Erosion Control. A slag road base might be a good option for erosion control if flooding is common in your area since it helps prevent water from washing away your garden beds or yard. Also, the high density of slag road bases makes it not likely to wash away or erode. 
  • Drainage Improvement. Due to its durability after installation, the slag road base helps stop soil erosion by preventing water from washing away topsoil when torrential downpours occur. It also has high compressive strength and low permeability. Therefore, it does not allow water to pass through easily, keeping it on top of the surface where it can evaporate more quickly than if it were below ground level. 

Shop for a road base near me 

If you live in Utah, Salt Lake, or Tooele counties, then you don’t need to look far to get your road base because we have everything you need at our store. Therefore, shop online today at JPW Transport and get other materials or road base delivered to your door. 


  • When can you deliver? At JPW Transport, we deliver rocks, soil, boulders, and dirt whenever you need it in Utah, Salt Lake, and Tooele counties.
  • Can I use the slag road base on my driveway? Yes. Because of its durability, affordability, ease of installation, and lightweight nature, the slag road base is a great driveway material.

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