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What Is Garden Soil?

Garden soil is full of fertilizer and nutrients to help life thrive. It is perfect to use if you are growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more. The purpose of garden soil is to enrich and supplement the existing soil with all the nutrients and organic material required for life. You can use garden soil to improve the fertility of native soil, creating a perfect environment to grow fruits and vegetables or use pure garden soil for impeccable growing results.  

Some of the benefits include

  • It is rich in organic materials like microorganisms and nutrients. 
  • It improves the water flow through the entire garden and to the plant roots. 
  • Contributes appealing garden appearance. 

How Much Garden Soil Do I Need?

How much garden soil you need depends on what your plans with it are. If you need some garden soil to mix with topsoil for a small garden space, you could get away with 1 or 2 yards. For more significant projects, like planting many trees or planting a complete garden of flowers on your property, plan on 5-10 yards of garden soil. 

Anything more significant than that will require more garden soil. Maybe you are getting your field growing for the year and need a fresh layer of garden soil to mix into the top layers, or perhaps you are planting blackberry and raspberry bushes in a large area. Whatever your plans are, we have the garden soil you need for help. 

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