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If you plan to have a landscaping project on an uneven area, fill dirt can help you level it. Fill dirt is also used in construction, drainage, and the base for roads. However, for construction, you have to ensure that it is compact enough, and just to be safe, you should mix it with cement and sand. 

What Is Fill Dirt? 

Fill dirt is a type of soil used in construction projects. 

You can use it to fill holes or level existing land. For example, if you’re tired of looking at bare patches of brown grass in your front yard, then it might be time to consider a landscape project using fill dirt. However, you still need to add topsoil as fill dirt is unsuitable for growing plants. 

Below, we discuss the various uses of fill dirt and whether it is a good foundation material. 

What Are the Most Common Uses for Fill Dirt? 

Fill dirt is mainly used for: 

  • Base material for roads or buildings 
  • To fill in holes or low spots on existing surfaces 
  • As part of a concrete mixture along with cement, sand, and gravel. 
  • As a base for roads, parking lots, and other areas that should be level before you can pave or cover them with concrete. 
  • To prep land for construction purposes like building new homes or businesses. To cover up contaminated soil that needs cleaning up from an industrial site. 
  • Create paths through your yard since fill dirt does not support plant growth, so you will not have to keep pulling weeds. 
  • Create raised garden beds or build up flower beds by adding layers of different soil types. 
  • Improve drainage if your yard has become boggy over time. 
  • As a base on steep embankments 
  • Foundation for ramps and other additions to your property. 

Are Fill Dirt and Topsoil the Same? 

Fill dirt and topsoil are not the same, but they are not that dissimilar, and most people have confused the two. 

If you have any holes in your yard, fill dirt can be a great option to cover them up. Fill dirt is a combination of sand and clay, with minimal amounts of organic matter mixed in. On the other hand, topsoil is the layer of soil on the surface of the ground that is suitable for plant growth. Compared to fill dirt, topsoil has more nutrients and organic materials, resulting in its darker color.

Is Fill Dirt Good for Foundation? 

It depends. 

Using fill dirt as a foundation can cause structural issues if not compacted properly, as it can settle and shift over time.

However, if you’re building a foundation on top of fill dirt, the best thing to do is find out if the fill dirt is compact enough. If not, you may want to look into other options for your foundation, like mixing fill dirt with sand and cement. 

If you are searching for “fill dirt near me” and you live in Salt Lake, Utah, or nearby counties, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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